“Growing in Strength(s)” Medals

“Growing in Strength (s)” medals are a digital product that you can purchase and print. They portray the 24 character strengths, such as Kindness, Teamwork and Creativity. They are aimed at children between 4 and 12 years old and adults who are part of their lives.

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The main objective is to recognize children through the use of strengths in their daily lives, whether at school, at home or in another context, making it a valuable resource for parents, teachers and psychologists.

It can be a great recognition channel between contexts, for example, from school to family.

By recognizing the positive use of a strength, the child is also being encouraged to continue using it in the future or in other contexts.

Children can also be asked to identify and recognize the strengths of other children and adults and to award medals to them.

Medals are a digital resource (pdf) that can be easily printed and cut (by punctuation) as many times as necessary. We propose its lamination for greater durability.

The resource is accompanied by a brief theoretical background on the Character Strengths and suggestions for their use.

And you, who would you like to recognize for the use of a particular strength?

To buy the medals:

Proceed with the payment of EUR 4.90, choosing the method that suits you, below:

  • Payment by bank transfer (IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0045 8020 1302 3): Send proof of payment, as well as the billing details (full name, VAT number and tax address) and the indication “EN medals”, so that we know which product you are buying to semearvalores@gmail.com. If you wish to receive this resource at another email address, you must also indicate it. If not, we will send it to the address from which you sent the receipt.
  • In case you live in Portugal, you can pay by MB Way (contact 919 412 919): In the description, write “EN”, your name and email address for sending the resource. Send the billing data (full name, VAT number and tax address) to semearvalores@gmail.com.

Remember that only when we have your email address will we be able to send you the medals (in pdf file).

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